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Entrepreneurship Offerings
   - Service enhancement
  • Front office development
    • Set service standards and attributes
    • Develop service guidelines and procedures
    • Identify service targets and objectives
    • Set customers satisfaction targets
    • Set monitoring program to measure customers satisfaction
    • Align staff evaluations and incentives with customers satisfaction objectives
    • Train staff and ensure implementation of programs
  • Complaint/issue handling
    • Set complaint/handling guidelines and procedures, (capturing, logging, prioritizing, assigning resolving and escalating)
    • Identify customers update process
    • Monitor and track complaints resolution and escalation
  • Service level agreement
    • Define services extended to customer
    • Identify service level agreements (the contracted delivery time of the service or performance as promised to customers)
    • Operational level agreements (interdependent relationships among the internal support groups of an organization working to support a service delivery agreement)
    • Enhance procedures to ensure meeting service level and operational level agreements
    • Align staff performance with customer satisfactions and meetings SLAs
    • Train staff
    • Set targets, measure and monitor execution
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