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Change and Project Management
   - Project Management
  • Plan
    • Define implementation plan
    • Develop program goals
    • Translate goals into manageable activities
    • Integrate & review key milestones
    • Identify and communicate critical path
    • Define key milestones per manager
  • Track and Control
    • Collect key milestone achievement and compare with plan (status reports, time and budget)
    • Organize and facilitate key milestone management review meeting
  • Risk Management
    • Identify, assess and analyze risks and issues
    • Define and execute contingency plans
    • Escalate if on critical path (“red light“)
    • Resolve issues and mitigate risks
    • Follow up on issues resolutions
    • Identify other party risks
    • Define risk mitigation alternatives for other party risks
  • Immediate Management Support
    • Actively support decision making
    • Support to reach key milestone
    • Coordinate cross functional
    • Identify additional skilled resources for implementation tasks
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